Monday, December 20, 2010

~*They like us, they really like us!*~

Ok my little bloggie friends, I have to tell you I was a cascade of emotion over PA. (Pre-Approval for you uninitiated)

Will they like us? Will they despise us? Do we qualify?

Can you imagine me plucking petals off?

Well, we officially received PA on Friday Dec 17th!
What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Now to begin this journey!!

Where do I even begin!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

~*Where We're Going*~

So far you've seen where we've been, who we are.... but where do we go from here?

This took us both by complete surprise. Yes, we're Quiverful, we adore children and will take however many God grants us, however, we were not intending to adopt again for at least another 6 months.

But, China, God are you sure?

Are you sure its, *THIS* specific child?


It has a nice ring to it...oh and what a sweet little face!

Its similar to finding out your pregnant when you weren't really expecting it. Your thrilled, its a wonderful blessing, yet it takes a moment to wrap your head and heart around!

But once you do, WHOA! Watch out!

This is where we are....
Very humbled that God has turned our course in life to a new and unexpected direction. In this strange world of technology it is difficult to share our true emotions..there are no emoticons to cover humility!

~*So before you know it there will be a PARTY!!*~
To celebrate the addition of Dalton to our clan!

Will you please pray with us as we humbly take these next steps?
We must fund raise every.single.dime!

Phew...this is a lot to take in, yet, it is also swelling my heart every time I look at his sweet face!

Thank you Lord for making life even better than we could have imagined!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

~*Who are we?*~

When looking at adding to the family we knew from the beginning that we would adopt. It was clear to us but the details were murky.
God filled in the blanks as only He can!

~*Stinky Monkey Toes*~

She's 8 and great!
We are so blessed to have such a creative young lady!


He's 7 and so ready to be 11! He is so mature and such a wonderful helper!


Six, silly and sweet, his smile lights up my life!


Ten months and tiny....she's mini but mighty!

~*Mom and Dad*~

We're old fashioned full of love folks!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

~*Where We've Been*~

~*I did it*~
I dismissed our last blog, poor thing had gotten dusty and dreary from months of neglect. Starting fresh seemed like the best option. Time, though, for some history. I saved a few blog entries to republish here with updates.

For the purpose of privacy I will not be using my children's real names, I will use their dedicated nicknames. Our oldest child is 8 and called Stinky Monkey Toes (um.yeah..strange, I know), Jelly, is 7; Sunshine is 6, and Peanut Butter (or just Peanut) is 1 in February. I tend to be quite the Mama Bear and will vehemently protect my clan! Papa Bear is very laid back....we balance each other very well!

Mama Bear's Background:
I am very open about my fertility struggles as I have found that so many women have struggled in the same way that I have yet I was blessed with answers in the end. After nearly 2 dozen miscarriages I sat myself down at the keyboard with my itchy fingers and a prayer in my heart. "God please direct me to the answer" I requested.

What kept bugging me about modern day medicine is that I was continually considered "infertile". *Getting* pregnant wasn't the problem, however, staying pregnant is where I seemed to lack ability. My new OBGYN was fabulous in that she was willing to test for anything I requested, thus my fingers itching to find some info.

My pit-of-the-stomach-gut feeling was that it would be found in the blood work. I started my search there and came across the Antiphospholipid Antibody. As I read the information the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that "THIS IS IT", pretty much screaming at me just like that! Now, for you non-believing folks who might stop right here and think I'm a nut, please know that I'm not hearing voices. As most Jesus freaks know He truly does live in you and impress things above upon your heart.

My Doctor and I were quite surprised that I did test positive and I began Heparin injections in addition to my daily aspirin that I'd taken for years. Our miracle child was born two days after Valentines Day.

Why do I share such personal information? Because it has blessed so many women! There is a large list of clotting disorders that cause miscarriage and at last count over a half dozen women were diagnosed properly and treated directly because they learned of this through me. I love hearing from women that have had miscarriages that have gone on to be tested, treated and welcomed a little blessing!