Sunday, December 19, 2010

~*Where We're Going*~

So far you've seen where we've been, who we are.... but where do we go from here?

This took us both by complete surprise. Yes, we're Quiverful, we adore children and will take however many God grants us, however, we were not intending to adopt again for at least another 6 months.

But, China, God are you sure?

Are you sure its, *THIS* specific child?


It has a nice ring to it...oh and what a sweet little face!

Its similar to finding out your pregnant when you weren't really expecting it. Your thrilled, its a wonderful blessing, yet it takes a moment to wrap your head and heart around!

But once you do, WHOA! Watch out!

This is where we are....
Very humbled that God has turned our course in life to a new and unexpected direction. In this strange world of technology it is difficult to share our true emotions..there are no emoticons to cover humility!

~*So before you know it there will be a PARTY!!*~
To celebrate the addition of Dalton to our clan!

Will you please pray with us as we humbly take these next steps?
We must fund raise every.single.dime!

Phew...this is a lot to take in, yet, it is also swelling my heart every time I look at his sweet face!

Thank you Lord for making life even better than we could have imagined!


  1. Such a sweet answer to prayer that precious Dalton has a family! We are so excited for you and can't wait to follow your journey! Congratulations from Kaden's family!

  2. I have a great fundraiser ideas.
    1. spaghetti dinner with salad and a pre sliced of cake with water and tea can be done for $1.50 a person and you can easily charge $5
    2. Pancake dinner with 2 pieces sausage and milk for $1 a meal. Also if you buy krustz from sam's the company will donate back half the money of the pancake mix.
    3. applebee's will host a pancake breakfast for I think $2 a person. You just supply the servers and cleaners but you need to pre sale tickets.
    4. if you go to a larger church a yard sale is a great idea and tons of people will donate.


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