Saturday, December 11, 2010

~*Where We've Been*~

~*I did it*~
I dismissed our last blog, poor thing had gotten dusty and dreary from months of neglect. Starting fresh seemed like the best option. Time, though, for some history. I saved a few blog entries to republish here with updates.

For the purpose of privacy I will not be using my children's real names, I will use their dedicated nicknames. Our oldest child is 8 and called Stinky Monkey Toes (um.yeah..strange, I know), Jelly, is 7; Sunshine is 6, and Peanut Butter (or just Peanut) is 1 in February. I tend to be quite the Mama Bear and will vehemently protect my clan! Papa Bear is very laid back....we balance each other very well!

Mama Bear's Background:
I am very open about my fertility struggles as I have found that so many women have struggled in the same way that I have yet I was blessed with answers in the end. After nearly 2 dozen miscarriages I sat myself down at the keyboard with my itchy fingers and a prayer in my heart. "God please direct me to the answer" I requested.

What kept bugging me about modern day medicine is that I was continually considered "infertile". *Getting* pregnant wasn't the problem, however, staying pregnant is where I seemed to lack ability. My new OBGYN was fabulous in that she was willing to test for anything I requested, thus my fingers itching to find some info.

My pit-of-the-stomach-gut feeling was that it would be found in the blood work. I started my search there and came across the Antiphospholipid Antibody. As I read the information the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that "THIS IS IT", pretty much screaming at me just like that! Now, for you non-believing folks who might stop right here and think I'm a nut, please know that I'm not hearing voices. As most Jesus freaks know He truly does live in you and impress things above upon your heart.

My Doctor and I were quite surprised that I did test positive and I began Heparin injections in addition to my daily aspirin that I'd taken for years. Our miracle child was born two days after Valentines Day.

Why do I share such personal information? Because it has blessed so many women! There is a large list of clotting disorders that cause miscarriage and at last count over a half dozen women were diagnosed properly and treated directly because they learned of this through me. I love hearing from women that have had miscarriages that have gone on to be tested, treated and welcomed a little blessing!


  1. So excited about this blog and your journey. I love the names you are using.

  2. Thank you! I am so excited about our journey! (I love the names too...they truly are their nicknames in real life too)


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