Thursday, February 3, 2011

~*Chinese New Year*~

~Chinese New Year is upon us~
While we believe in honoring heritage we do not forsake our Christian heritage to celebrate all that entails Chinese New Year.

In Chinese culture there is a large emphasis on luck. We believe in blessings, as opposed to luck, and that things do not happen by mere chance. There are truly no coincidences for those that see God as the ordain-er of miracles!

Beyond the emphasis on luck and chance Chinese New Year is right up my alley! Emphasis is put on family and the time spent together. Feasting is one cornerstone of the celebration and I am all about food! The Chinese people do not normally eat sweets so this time of year they break with the traditional food and splurge on sweet treats like chocolate coins and candied fruit.

They are a truly peaceful people who sincerely desire to reconcile with others and wish others nothing but peace and happiness.

I am excited to teach Dalton (and his 4 siblings) both his Chinese and Christian heritage. For now we are utilizing free lapbook downloads for homeschooling on this subject. Happy Chinese New Year and God bless you all!

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  1. I can't believe I just stumbled upon your blog. I was just looking up information on ONH and SOD and I saw some comment you left on another blog in 2007 about possibly adopting a child with these conditions. I am hoping to find some families who have adopted an older child with this condition because we think one of our soon to be son's from China has this disorder. The amazing thing is that you are adopting Dalton. I have been praying for sweet Dalton and I sent his info to a number of people I know who might be interested in adopting. One family was quite interested but then decided that right now was not the best time. They were also praying that Dalton would find a family. We were so happy when we heard he had a family! We are adopting a four year old and a 13 year old from China this time around. They are both sponsored by Love Without Boundaries just like Dalton and our daughter who we adopted three years ago was also sponsored by Love Without Boundaries. Anyway, I have rambled enough and whether or not he have a child with SOD, I am happy to find your blog.


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