Monday, February 21, 2011

~*Jinjiang Mama's 2011*~


What a blessing this weekend was. I needed the fellowship of other mama's and the Lord knew it! We met the strong and sweet Stacy, her Solomon (Dalton's friend from Jinjiang), and Timothy, Stacy's oldest son. Timothy was not only their travel companion he was also essential in helping to keep busy little Solomon focused. I was astounded at how patient and sweet he was with all the children this weekend. Timothy is greatly gifted with children and it reminded me of my Jakob who loves other children so much. Wonderful blessings these children are.


Stacy is rather humble, that's just how she is but I just have to say that she is a very strong mother who is teaching me a lot. She is endlessly patient with her children, creative in how she teaches them, encouraging of them being curious and helpful. She spent nearly 2 weeks away from home, her husband and her 4 other children. All for the sake of Solomon's health and his future. It is amazing this give and take between parents and children...we who have adopted often hear "Your child is lucky" when we as parents feel like the blessed ones! I do think, though, that Solomon is one blessed little man to have Stacy for a mother. She is not afraid to navigate the medical community and advocate for her son's needs. Thankfully, in Christ, we ALL have that kind of friend!

We also met the Wartman family, who adopted Adelie from Jinjiang and was crib-mates with Dalton. She, while incredibly shy, is very doted on by older siblings and is a true little sweet princess! We were so happy to meet Tom and Nancy Ann and sweet little Adelie.


In the process as we are to bring their son Teddy home, the Crawhorns are farther along than we are. We are hoping to get caught up and maybe even travel with them. Teddy is also in Jinjiang and a bit younger than Dalton. They are both blessed that Love Without Boundaries sponsors their classrooms!


Getting to know these families has been so fulfilling!

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  1. You are too sweet! Tom & I spent the ride home talking about how fun our visit had been. As if our children were not blessing enough, we have found the gift of new friendships along the way. God is so good! I would have never expected this journey to touch us so deeply. We enjoyed meeting you, Devon, and your beautiful children and look forward to many more visits in the future. Perhaps we can take turns hosting. :-) We so hope to get to travel together to pick up our darling boys. That would be so amazing! Take care! I am going to attempt to post pics to our shutterfly acct. tonight. Thanks! Melissa :-)


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