Monday, February 14, 2011

~*Once Again*~

I am once again humbled!

Every time I ask God for another little snippet of info on our Dalton I receive an email with a few new photos, an encouraging note with new information, or the like. Every single time I ask, I receive it!

What to my wondering eyes do I see but a new email with *baby* pictures of our boy! Wow! Goosebumps!

Amazing how all along this path there are so many little sprinkles of God's love dotting the path. His fingerprints are all over Dalton's story. Through yet another amazing set of circumstances I now have a few pictures of Dalton has as the cutest baby!

We have received so much support for this adoption. From donations and puzzle sponsors to prayer partners and cheerleaders! We are so grateful to each of you and the role you are playing in Dalton's life story!

Dalton on left w/two friends! (Apprx. 9-12 mths old)

Dalton w/friend, they were crib-mates.

Dalton (L) w/2 friends

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