Thursday, April 28, 2011

~*We're Missing One*~

I've noticed that amidst the chatter and chaos of our vibrant home I will pause a moment, suck in my breath for a mere second in panic and think, "Wait a second we're missing one!"  

No, one of the four that live here is not missing but apparently deep inside I know we're meant to have another one gracing our table.  There is something special that creeps in to your heart when you are paper-chasing a child.  They move in to every little nook and cranny of your heart and house. 

Without ever stepping foot on this continent his sweet little face has taken my breath away!   

We are making room, setting aside clothes, wondering what his favorite colors are, his favorite games and toys....

Stay tuned to learn how ~YOU~ can help him move home! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today we had the honor of celebrating life!
We were delighted to have a small family gathering to thank the Lord for this little face!

We do not take birthdays lightly around here, oh no!  
We enjoy showering the birthday person with love. 
We do not shower them with many things, naww...stuff gets used, abused, forgotten.
But the love part....that lasts forever;
It will go on for many generations to come!

My birthday is next and I am not sure what the clan has planned but you can count on the fact that I will be showered with love.  You know what?  I can't wait to see their little faces expectantly watching me open their homemade cards and get all teary-eyed over the misspelled words, shaky writing and crayon smudges!  

I think its as much a gift to them as it is for me.  

My gorgeous girl turned 9!
She is funky and fabulous!
I love you, my first-born baby girl!
May the Lord bless your little heart!