Thursday, July 7, 2011


We celebrated my handsome husband's birthday on July 1st and 2nd. 
~*Happy Birthday*~ to my sweetheart!
Kit Kat cake; also known as the coma inducing cake!

My oldest son, the Jelly in our family's PB&J, had basketball camp this past week. I drove 11 hours over 4 days and watched 11 basketball games.  We didn't miss even one game! They came within 2 games of winning the championship!  

J.J. has the ball!

Jelly has red shorts. I wish they had jersey's or vests to distinguish teams instead of "without against boys in shirts". We saw way too much skin for being held at a Christian College. 
My little Peanut, the PB in the PB&J, had a fever and tummy troubles this weekend.  
Cool cloth on the head to help bring down the fever from her strep throat.  Second round in 6 wks.
Our homestudy is ~FINALLY~ done...a bit of a sore subject that there is. 
Now to harass the Doctors office for the paperwork they have had for 2 weeks!  Get the notarized police clearances to come back...and we should be set to send our stuff off to our Agency for final review.  
I'm sorry I'm not updating more...My husband has changed our picture format from the easy JPEG to some other doohickey and we also have a whole new editing software and it takes ages to convert the files so I can actually SEE them on my computer...Its just all around a pain in the rump!   

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