Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~*FAQ. The Why's*~

Why do I headcover?

To be quite honest it is a conviction of the spirit.  Much like our conviction to homeschool, have a large family and adopt.  It is something my husband and I both felt an urging to do in our hearts and we followed that leading.  

I've heard this nasty word whispered from time to time quietly off to the side and never outright...legalism.  Oh, my gravy that one drives me bonkers!  

Legalism, in my humble opinion, is using our own means to garner reward or entry in the ever after.  Seriously, do folks believe that I dress modestly or headcover to get bonus points in heaven?  

Oh, my gravy!  

I have come to realize the beauty and joy of simply dressing like a lady.  Strangers are far more courteous and I rarely must open a door for myself.  Who would NOT want to be treated so grandly?  

The headcovering came about the same time as modesty; they seemed to go hand-in-hand.  I was mistaken for Amish at first, including being manhandled by a curious woman at church who had to know if I were Amish.  Seriously, the way she grabbed my shoulder and whipped me around to ask me caused my shoulder to hurt for weeks.  

No, I am not Amish, Mennonite, etc.

I dress modestly and cover in honor and respect to both my husband and the Lord God.  

 I am not forced to cover; I enjoy my femininity! 

So, that is the gist of it folks! 


  1. I respect when people choose to live what they believe for themselves, and even more so when those beliefs are not pushed on others as the right way. I really appreciate that about you, Jolene. :)

    I do wish there was a different term for those that choose to dress with more covering than some others besides modesty. That has always bothered me, not the dressing in that choice, but the wordage. It indicates that those that choose to dress differently, are dressing immodestly, but modesty is subjective. In 1890, it would have been considered immodest to not have sleeves to your wrists, neckline to your jaw, and skirt to your ankles. Today, for some, a tank and shorts are considered modest, for others a dress past the knees. I don't think either is "immodest". I actually think men have a more visible pants than women do femininity. Maybe we could make a move for women to wear pants and men dresses? ;-)

    Femininity is pretty awesome, isn't? :)

  2. I agree with RiAnnon's comment!

    I repect those take the convictions of what God has called them to do, and faithfully act on it!

    Romans 12 ... Don't be conformed, do not get molded to, the world - don't get squeezed out of being your real self or who you were always meant to b. People-pleasing allows you to lose your real self. Don't conform to external pressure to be who you are not!

    Amy Hauer


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