Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~*Life Is Simple*~

Life is messy and complicated when it really should be simple and fun.  Why do we make such a mess out of things, us weak humans?  What must the angels think of us?  I wonder at times what they see from the outside and if they could talk to us what would they truly say? 

Life, though, does get messy and complicated and we do it to ourselves.  There are no hard formulas to figure out, late night study crunches, or ugly research…its just life…~*LIVING*~.  Yet, we make such a HUGE mess out of it?  HOW?  WHY? 

It’s got to come down to our sin nature.  It’s easy to be lazy, rude, immature, selfish, self-centered…etc. It’s hard work to live a life of integrity and honor. 

As I look back at the last year of my life I see now where God picked me up and carried me through it all.  I was newly pregnant, the first time in nearly 8 yrs, babysitting 2 adorable little boys ages infant and 2, homeschooling my headstrong and determined 7 yr old, and moonlighting on the weekends as adoptive mom to 2 boys living in midst of cultural chaos in the inner city of Detroit. 

There is *NO WAY* I did that on my own!  Are you kidding?  Remember, I’m lazy, rude, immature, selfish and self-centered by nature!  I had nothing to do with the superhuman feat I displayed last summer!  It was this great big strong handsome supernatural man that carried me through it.  I remember prayers dotting each breath I took; I just knew I couldn’t do it on my own. 

Somewhere, in the last year though, those breathy prayers were dropped to mid-morning meet-ups or quick one-liner prayers for friends requests.  Little by little the details of parenting 4 children, 1 born with some annoying health issues and another fighting demon’s from his past, began to weigh down my spirit. 

Life is so simple.  Just live it.  That’s it, just breathe and sugarcoat each breath with a prayer.  Because you can’t do it on your own, that handsome supernatural guy needs to carry you through! 

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  1. I reposted this others who might benefit from reading it. I wrote this in the summer of 2010. We spent the summer of 2009 integrating a 4 yr old and 6 yr old into our family. We struggled and its been 2 yrs and we cannot believe how much has changed and how far the boys have come.

    I am not calling all those struggling with adoption anxiety lazy or horrible. I am saying in this that we truly need to seek the Lords face with each breath we take. I've BEEN there mama's, I have BEEN there!

    Please know that if you need prayer you can request it at anytime and I will hit my knees before the throne of God to bring him your requests!


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