Saturday, September 24, 2011

~*The Welcome Mat*~

Every Autumn the crisp air and equally crispy colorful leaves are welcomed to our home by a shift in attitude and behavior.  What could throw such an ugly welcome mat out to meet such a lovely season?  

RAD, Anxiety, PTSD (And now VPD)

But!  There is wonderful news!
 We know how to parent that RAD thing better than ever!  Oh, I have my moments where I lose my sanity along with the car keys, but we're making progress on this productive parenting thing...thanks to the Advanced Parenting class courtesy RAD-U (Reactive Attachment Disorder University)

I'm ready for the Autumn weather, the gratefulness I have in my heart for another bountiful harvest, and RAD, I'm ready so bring it on!  (No, really, I can do without but I can handle it if your gonna throw something at me!)

Have a blessed weekend folks!

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