Thursday, October 27, 2011

~*Harvest Study*~

Each autumn we embark on an adventure to learn about the harvest traditions of other countries and cultures.  This year we're studying the Southwest Indians (Native Americans if you want to be PC) and I'll go more into detail on that in a later post. 

We're also studying from The Word and discussing the Fruit of the Spirit.  I have learned that multiple websites assign a different fruit to the gift so we chose strawberries to represent our the fruit for today.  Today was "Love" and we accomplished a few things.  A strawberry craft, copywork, and a basket containing the fruits of the spirit.
Copywork and Strawberries (the brown on the left one is "chocolate")

Also, we have a Thankful tree each year that we cover with leaves of Thankfulness.  Our tree is a little bare as we will wait until closer to Thanksgiving to fill 'er up!  
Our Thankful tree, which looks like a 7-fingered hand, and baskets of Spirit fruit.

Here are the links.

Tomorrow is Joy! 
The fruit we're giving it is cherries!  
I will post each day what we use and I'll update this one after we get dessert done (strawberry themed of course!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~*The Results Are In*~

After many months (20 to be exact) of suspecting food allergies and a positive blood test (RAST) we finally saw the Allergist for our little Peanut.

Speaking of peanuts...she can't have them.
Soy, nope.
Sesame seeds...which I've long suspected, she cannot have.
Strange, right!?!  Sesame seeds seriously? Odd, but true!

We have long suspected moo-juice but have yet to figure out the intricacies of her reactions....until today!
She can have SOME dairy but not all. Its long and complicated so for ease we're going dairy free away from home where I cannot control what the ingredients are but at home we do know she can have some select dairy.
All of the above were on the Moderate to Severe end of the spectrum.

She was tested for several other foods that we have long suspected and while her reactions were not enough to declare them "allergies" she reacted enough that we need to proceed with caution because they can still develop into something more severe.  

Peanut, also, is allergic to both cats and dogs, mildew/mold and dust mites.  Again, they are at the moderate to severe end of the spectrum.  We do NOT have to remove our pets from the home, yet, we have adjustments that need to be made.

Rip out carpet in girls room and install hardwood floors, they are the gold standard and our girl is worth it!

There is a long list of changes we need to make at home but it felt great to have confirmation that what we long suspected was true.

There was a LOT of information to soak in and I honestly feel a bit defeated.  I think it might be that we DO have confirmation now and the Doctor was SO concerned about this little lamb of ours.  Its a LOT of moderate to severe allergies for a baby to handle.  And the possibility of her developing asthma or other allergies is quite high.  

So, in summary....she's a happy baby girl that has some health challenges and I have to be ON THE BALL with FOOD!  No joking or kidding around!


Before my little one came along I never truly believed in food allergies...its sad and I hate to admit it but I was a skeptic. I thought it was all in their heads!  Well, God decided to change my perspective by putting this little cutie in my life!

She's got food allergies, animal allergies, and environmental allergies!  I have been educated and I am now a reformed skeptic.  In fact, I know many react with the same skepticism that I once showed when I mention yet another noticed reaction to some oddball food.
Isn't it funny how this works?
I'm a bit less skeptical nowadays!

Do you need to change your perspective on something?  
Have you ever been skeptical about something?  
Maybe your skeptical about this whole God thing? 
Leave a comment; I like comments! 

Monday, October 10, 2011


 Bless his little heart.
As we were doing the long put off tightening of Sunshines hair he kept crying every time I tightened a loc.  It hurts and can be uncomfortable but not usually tear inducing.

  After giving him a few minutes of quiet time to collect himself we restarted (this occurred about 3 times) after just a minute of working on his hair he just started sobbing.

  I knew I was not hurting him but asked anyway and he replied that it didn't hurt but he shared a scary memory with me of his foster home. 

Two years he's been here and once in awhile something will stir a memory to the surface and it will cause him such pain and grief.  

But these tears were healing. 
They were GOOD!

What a sweet moment for this little guy to grieve, forgive the one that hurt him, and announce that he no longer was afraid of that person because they couldn't hurt him anymore.  

As his mother I get choked up, too, talking about this.  That lump jumps right back up to the throat.  I couldn't stop the previous abuse and neglect...I couldn't stop the trauma.

  BUT I get to help him heal, to process the grief, to grieve, to teach the sweetness of forgiveness and then I get to see the new creature that blossoms in front of me.  

Adopting isn't about being a hero.  Its not about being a healer.  It is about hope.  Giving these children the HOPE they never thought they deserved to have.

I love you!
I will always hold you close.
I will always cry with you.
I will always laugh with you.
I will always rejoice with you.
I will always HOPE with you!  

~*Good Hair*~

African heritage hair is as diverse and unique as Caucasian hair is.  J.J. has incredibly thick coarse hair that will not twist without a bit of coaxing from something like, oh maybe, crazy glue!  

Sunshine's hair is soft, curly and loves to hold a twist.  Although, he didn't have much up top at first, after 2 yrs its looking rather filled in!
In January of this good year, 2011, I put locs in his hair.  Took an entire weekend that first time and oh, it was SOO worth it!  We just love his hair locked up.  It takes me about 2 hours now start to finish and its quality time, ya'll!
One of the first things I noticed about this hair ritual was that Sunshine just *loved* my hands in his hair.  It was several hours (or days!) of quality time with mom.  When the task was completed he just felt so much better about himself.  Between the freshly tightened locs and the quality time with mom he was a new child each session.

I've never really had much confidence in my braiding abilities but locs I can do.  And he's so stinking cute with them too!  

Here's where the whole thing started.

This is where we are now...they might actually be a bit longer than this!  

While I love this pic it doesn't show his stellar smile!

Let me know if you have questions regarding his hair, hair care routine, how to do locs, why we chose to do them...etc.  That could be a whole other bloggy post!

Many blessings to you and yours!