Monday, October 10, 2011

~*Good Hair*~

African heritage hair is as diverse and unique as Caucasian hair is.  J.J. has incredibly thick coarse hair that will not twist without a bit of coaxing from something like, oh maybe, crazy glue!  

Sunshine's hair is soft, curly and loves to hold a twist.  Although, he didn't have much up top at first, after 2 yrs its looking rather filled in!
In January of this good year, 2011, I put locs in his hair.  Took an entire weekend that first time and oh, it was SOO worth it!  We just love his hair locked up.  It takes me about 2 hours now start to finish and its quality time, ya'll!
One of the first things I noticed about this hair ritual was that Sunshine just *loved* my hands in his hair.  It was several hours (or days!) of quality time with mom.  When the task was completed he just felt so much better about himself.  Between the freshly tightened locs and the quality time with mom he was a new child each session.

I've never really had much confidence in my braiding abilities but locs I can do.  And he's so stinking cute with them too!  

Here's where the whole thing started.

This is where we are now...they might actually be a bit longer than this!  

While I love this pic it doesn't show his stellar smile!

Let me know if you have questions regarding his hair, hair care routine, how to do locs, why we chose to do them...etc.  That could be a whole other bloggy post!

Many blessings to you and yours!  

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  1. Hi Jolene! I love reading your blogs. How do you do locks and why did you choose to do them on Sunshine? -Faith


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