Monday, October 10, 2011


 Bless his little heart.
As we were doing the long put off tightening of Sunshines hair he kept crying every time I tightened a loc.  It hurts and can be uncomfortable but not usually tear inducing.

  After giving him a few minutes of quiet time to collect himself we restarted (this occurred about 3 times) after just a minute of working on his hair he just started sobbing.

  I knew I was not hurting him but asked anyway and he replied that it didn't hurt but he shared a scary memory with me of his foster home. 

Two years he's been here and once in awhile something will stir a memory to the surface and it will cause him such pain and grief.  

But these tears were healing. 
They were GOOD!

What a sweet moment for this little guy to grieve, forgive the one that hurt him, and announce that he no longer was afraid of that person because they couldn't hurt him anymore.  

As his mother I get choked up, too, talking about this.  That lump jumps right back up to the throat.  I couldn't stop the previous abuse and neglect...I couldn't stop the trauma.

  BUT I get to help him heal, to process the grief, to grieve, to teach the sweetness of forgiveness and then I get to see the new creature that blossoms in front of me.  

Adopting isn't about being a hero.  Its not about being a healer.  It is about hope.  Giving these children the HOPE they never thought they deserved to have.

I love you!
I will always hold you close.
I will always cry with you.
I will always laugh with you.
I will always rejoice with you.
I will always HOPE with you!  

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  1. praying for healing of hearts and strength for you. it is hard. I get so angry and want to .... to those who hurt my boys but then I see those precious faces and all i can do is hug him and make him feel safe


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