Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~*The Results Are In*~

After many months (20 to be exact) of suspecting food allergies and a positive blood test (RAST) we finally saw the Allergist for our little Peanut.

Speaking of peanuts...she can't have them.
Soy, nope.
Sesame seeds...which I've long suspected, she cannot have.
Strange, right!?!  Sesame seeds seriously? Odd, but true!

We have long suspected moo-juice but have yet to figure out the intricacies of her reactions....until today!
She can have SOME dairy but not all. Its long and complicated so for ease we're going dairy free away from home where I cannot control what the ingredients are but at home we do know she can have some select dairy.
All of the above were on the Moderate to Severe end of the spectrum.

She was tested for several other foods that we have long suspected and while her reactions were not enough to declare them "allergies" she reacted enough that we need to proceed with caution because they can still develop into something more severe.  

Peanut, also, is allergic to both cats and dogs, mildew/mold and dust mites.  Again, they are at the moderate to severe end of the spectrum.  We do NOT have to remove our pets from the home, yet, we have adjustments that need to be made.

Rip out carpet in girls room and install hardwood floors, they are the gold standard and our girl is worth it!

There is a long list of changes we need to make at home but it felt great to have confirmation that what we long suspected was true.

There was a LOT of information to soak in and I honestly feel a bit defeated.  I think it might be that we DO have confirmation now and the Doctor was SO concerned about this little lamb of ours.  Its a LOT of moderate to severe allergies for a baby to handle.  And the possibility of her developing asthma or other allergies is quite high.  

So, in summary....she's a happy baby girl that has some health challenges and I have to be ON THE BALL with FOOD!  No joking or kidding around!


  1. Im so sorry about your peanuts allergies! I am overjoyed that you do now know what the allergies are and can do your best to provided and even better home and menu for her! God bless!

  2. I will definitely keep all of you guys in our prayers. If you ever need any help, just let me know. We'll do whatever we can.


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