Saturday, November 19, 2011

~*Happy Birthday Sunshine*~

My little man is not so little anymore.
He turns 7 today!
  Its quite bittersweet this birthday of his.
He was merely 4 yrs old when I first met this smile....but that rotten RAD*, PTSD* and Anxiety* robbed him of a few years and it was very much like dealing with a large toddler.  

But, now?
Oh, but now, he is very much owning this number 7!  

While we're still a bit on the immature end he's come light years from toddler!  

Sunshine, you have my heart.
I am proud of you.
Your name means "Fighter" and you have proven your strength time and time again.
The Lord Jesus blessed us with you.  You touch so many lives with that stellar smile.  You love to help, love to build (and destroy!), you are all boy!  You are MY boy!
I thank God for you every single day!

~*Happy Birthday*~ to my Sunshine!


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  1. Hi Jolene, thanks for stopping by Sidetracked Sarah! That's a good point on letting them know that the store is not a playground....I'll remember that one, too! Thanks for your suggestions. :)


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