Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~*He KNOWS*~

He. Knows. 
My sweet boy!

Pardon me while I shed a few more tears because they are coming hot and fast!

Dalton's dear sweet friend, Nicholas, (referred to as Parker in the past) was recently adopted from China.  When his wonderful family went to get him they were blessed beyond words to visit the orphanage.  
Dalton on left and Nicholas on right
They met my sweet boy!  
Nicholas and Dalton were able to say goodbye!
Dalton (on left), Nicholas and friend

And then...they told their guide/translator that they KNEW the family adopting Dalton and that we were a few months behind them.

Then (wait...more tears are coming!) she pulled Dalton aside and whispered in his ear that very soon she might be able to bring his Mama and Baba (Daddy in Chinese) to come get him!  
Dalton hearing the news!

HE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!


What a sweet blessing and treasure to have the pictures from the very moment he found out!  

Now, we need to PLEASE pray for three major requests!
  • That Dalton will not become discouraged in his wait!
  • That our LOA* (Letter of Acceptance) will come SOON!
  • That we are able to finish financing this adoption! 
 Okay, folks, I am off to cry a few more tears!  I am SO grateful to Nicholas' mama, Tish, for giving me such a precious gift!  These pictures are wonderful!  

Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. these pictures are amazing. I am praying what you asked to be prayed for right now! love to you~
    Kristen McCort


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