Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~*Making The Call*~

We have the sweetest dog on earth.  

She just wants to please and is scared of everything from blowing leaves, to the wind, and anything resembling a car or a person.  

She's old.  
Going on 11.
Not showing her age in 2010...but went down hill quickly over the winter.
We live in Michigan* and our winters are hard on her 'ole bones.  Last winter about put her over the edge and we've been fighting a losing battle with her arthritis.  Her kidneys are going, too.

She receives monthly shots, many meds, and over the weekend her shot wore off....today was sad.  She nearly bit the baby on the face.  I won't go into details but Praise the Lord the little peanut was standing where she was and she was not touched...but if she'd been standing just a little closer to the dog...we would be having a different talk.  

This was unprovoked.  The little one was literally just standing in the vicinity when the dog had a painful moment and she acted out.  But it showed us that we would be entirely too selfish if we tried to milk her existence out for another winter.

We'll get her comfortable for the next few weeks....keep her separate from the wee one and likely we'll need to make the call sometime soon. 
Have you had to make the call? 



  1. oh jolene, you know we made this call last week and it is hard. I want to do all I can do without eating at our budget. I also do not want to be selfish and hold on longer just for me. We did have to make that decision 7 days ago and it was hard. praying for you and for your children

  2. Jolene she sounds so much like our Lilly! She was our baby. We got her just days after our wedding. She kept me company while Tom worked 2nd shift, we spoiled her like our child, I cried on her side after a miscarriage and years of fertilty treatments, and after we finally brought Sam home she was his protector. She was so good and gentle. When he was about a year and a half he would crawl on her and sleep on her side. I have the sweetest pictures of them. I had never met a more nervous dogs. Storms terrified her as well as strong wind, the local military base, our toaster (yes thats right she could hear it and hated it.) She took doggie prozac and xanax over the yrs to help. We also brought a dog trainer in. Then she starting suddenly getting hip discomfort. We tried meds and took her to our vet for accupuncture. Then one day she growled at me when I went to wake her for bed. My Lilly adored us and wouldnt hurt a fly. Another day she nipped at Sam then realized what she had done and licked his as though she were apologizong. Lilly was only 8. She aged before her time. After many vet consults and tears Tom took her to be put to sleep in April. I miss her sooo much. Im sobbing writing this. Sam breaks my heart when he says Lillys in heaven Mommy and I miss her. Then as though he needs to be the one strong enough to remind me says she doesn't hurt anymore Mommy. Ooohhhh! Hard to remember when I miss her so much. We did what was best for her. It took me awhile to make that decision though. You have to do whats best for you and your family. If or when that time comes for you, our vet offered a frame with her pawprint in clay and a place for a 5 x 7. I hung her collar over the corner next to our copy of old yellar. Lilly was a mt cur which is the type of dog in the story. It has brought me some piece and when I think of her I like to look at it. At first I kept it out. A month ago I moved it inside our tv cabinet in our rm. Now shes there for just us. Our angel Lilly. I hope this helps you in some way. I will say a prayer.

  3. I had to make the call on my childhood best friend several years ago. It was the worst day ever, but I also look back on when I made the call and wonder if I should have made it sooner. My buddy was so sick. It is hard and I still cry when I think about him. I feel for you having to make this decision. It is the hardest one to make, especially with little ones in the house. I pray for comfort and wisdom for you and your husband as you are dealing with this.


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