Thursday, November 17, 2011

~*Perfect Love*~

Every single November we meet up with them annoying fellows RAD*, Anxiety*, PTSD*, etc.  Its Sunshine's birthday month!  

The first birthday he had here involved us learning the hard way that any mention of the word "birthday" would cause the most intense anxiety, fear, and acting out.

This November?  It dawned beautifully.  Just now, just TODAY, did the fear and anxiety come out. TWO DAYS before the little man's birthday!  

I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!
Because two days is so much better than a whole month!
It's taken almost 3 years to get this little man to the point where November can come, we can talk, plan, dream about birthday plans without massive meltdowns! 

These children heal, they are not scarred by past abuse and trauma forever.  Stress can most definitely cause the anxiety to reappear, their personal triggers (holidays, vacations, birthdays, FUN) will always be triggers for behaviors.  

We teach coping skills, we teach him to prepare ahead of time for the known personal triggers, we help him process the intense emotions that come up.

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

They can heal.  
They CAN heal.  
THEY can heal.  
They can HEAL. 

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