Friday, December 16, 2011

~*Does This Mean I'm No Longer Vegetarian?*~

I had intensive oral surgery today that involved removal of bone within just an inch of my eye, yet taking that large amount of bone out meant that a bone graft needed to be put in its place.  

Their grafting material of choice? 
Bovine...err...cow bone!  

Does this mean I'm no longer vegetarian? 

I get a kick out of that just because I have that sort of sense of humor!
Not that I am actually laughing at this point, quite the contrary, I am in intense pain.  Very similar to the pain I felt when I had a hammer fall on my head and the claw snagged my skull.

Hmmm....there's a pretty mental image!

 As for my vegetarianism I will go into that in more detail in the future.  Suffice to say; I eat nothing with a mother.

  I'm still chuckling about this cow bone thing!  
HA!  ~snort~ MOO!  

Seriously, though, I would appreciate prayer for quick recovery and pain relief.  The surgery was very involved and a large amount of bone was removed.  This is the 2nd such surgery I've endured in the last 6 months, with the first taking me a full week to recover from and this procedure was much much more! 

Also, my little peanut is not well yet.  She's been sick with her 6th round of tonsillitis in 7 months and while she's been on antibiotics for a week now and she's still indicating that something hurts.  We wish we knew *what* hurt!

So keep the two of us in prayer!

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