Saturday, December 3, 2011

~*Break My Heart For The Brokenhearted*~

I've met a few people in my life that are hard to love.  About as fuzzy and warm as a porcupine or the abominable snowman.  

There is one particular person that use to seriously rub me the wrong way and I realized I could sit around for years waiting for this person to change or I could control the one thing in my corner and not worry about them.  

And that is exactly what I did.  I can control myself, my words, my actions, my attitudes but I cannot control the other person.  Very slowly, ever so slowly, the other person began to thaw.  It was subtle, at first, with more discernible changes happening all the time.

I kept asking God to break my heart for this person, to give me a love for this person to the point that it hurt.  I recently shared happenings with this person and I expected the reaction to be negative.  I was so incredibly humbled that there was utter excitement from them.  

I have cried and cried over the overwhelming love I now have for this hard to love person.  The changes I've seen have been nothing short of miraculous.  I can only credit this change to the Lord.  Despite my own errors and failures along the way there is a true appreciation on both sides.  

Never think that changing your attitude is ineffective.  It can move mountains, melt the hardest hearts, and change the loneliest people.

Do you know someone incredibly hard to love?  
Have you ever had things change between you and what was it that you think caused the changes?

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