Monday, December 12, 2011

~*Happy Anniversary*~ (Three days late!)

~*Happy Anniversary*~
to my husband of 5 yrs!
I had no idea what God had planned for us five years ago.
We eloped for legal reasons, yet, the day we choose to celebrate is December 9th. The day we stood before the Lord and man and sought His blessings upon our relationship.

Blessed we, certainly, have been!  

4 going on 6 children.
A cozy little home that we will terribly miss when leave.
A great family and supportive friends.
A fantastic church family.

Oh, the plans I had for our family on Friday, but it all went awry.  Starting with the screaming little one because she's sick, again, with her 6th round of tonsillitis in 7 months.  Although, the Doctor swears every time that its just another virus. 

Then, of course, the surprise I ordered isn't here, haven't heard a word from them, but it will still be a nice surprise when it gets here.

The replica of our wedding cake is pink and not red like I had ordered and he wrote on the top, right where I was going to put our wedding cake topper.  Its lovely, though, and I know it'll taste amazing!

Our older children are all out of sorts but its alright, they'll straighten up real quick when they realize there is cake on the line!

I'm sitting here laughing with a big smile on my face.
Because this is LIFE!  
Its OUR life.
Its beautiful! 

~*Happy Anniversary*~ 
To my incredibly loving and supportive husband.
I am so blessed to be married to you.
I love you!

I'm sorry this is 3 days kept happening!  

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