Thursday, December 8, 2011

~*I'm Going Home*~

To The Place Where I Belong!

We are so excited to introduce you to our daughter, Kang Su, who resides in Shanghai, China!  

She is 4.5 years old and is challenged with Spina Bifida (like Dalton) and Clubfoot.  As is expected, her medical information is very sparse. We do know that she has had two major spinal surgeries and one surgery on her foot to loosen the tendon.  From what we understand she does not have a shunt in place nor do we know if she has had her foot set using the ponsetti method.

Many unknowns but we do know this ONE thing!
She is our daughter!
I truly want to share with you the amazingness of the Lord's handiwork, in regard to Kang Su and China's approval.
  That is a separate post so be looking for it!

For now enjoy these 3 pictures of our Kang Su.  They are the only 3 pictures we have of our daughter.  We have no idea if or when we'll receive updated information.  

She's OURS!

The Lord ~WILL~ provide the funds to bring her home, too, this we DO know!

She's our daughter and we love her already!

Our homestudy was updated already and I have the updated USCIS* (Immigration*) paperwork filled out and ready to mail!

~Prayer Requests~

Financial blessing from the Lord.  We have no worries, though, seriously not stressing!  

For love and support from those we love!  We know that not everyone finds large families a blessing, yet, we do!  We know that not everyone feels more children is a GOOD thing, yet, WE do!

That things move a little bit quicker.  We are really wanting to get these two precious gems in our arms! 

We are also raising the money to bless the people who will care for our 4 children for 3 weeks while we're away in China.  I have created a separate *Chip-In* for that.  So, if anyone wants to donate specifically for that it is now available.


  1. Congratulations on your new daughter! I always love to hear that more kids with SN are coming home to their families.


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