Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The sweet little smile in the middle!

Such a sweet little face!
They layer so many clothes on the children due to lack of heat even if it is a nearly new building.  Also, it is culturally correct to layer many clothes on a child.  The Grandmothers will tell you outright if you do not have the child covered up enough!

Analina is 34" tall and weighs 24lbs.  

She is 4.5 yrs old!  

Lets put this into comparison. 

This is Peanut.  

She is 30" tall and weighs 20lbs.
 She is 22 months and extremely small for her age (less than 1% on the growth charts).  

While we are concerned about our little Peanut and her size (err...lack of it!) we are extremely concerned with how incredibly small Analina is.  However, more concern came with her update.

In March of 2011, Analina, had surgery to repair her Clubfoot.  We only know she had the tendon lengthening repair done.  We do not know if she was serial casted to correct the position of her foot.  Ever since the surgery she has been unable to put her foot flat on the ground.  Assuming she can't put her heel down as it was not specified on the update.  

What does this mean?  

She struggles to walk.  She drags her right foot behind her while walking.  She is only able to walk unassisted for a few minutes before needing to rest.  

My heart just breaks for her.  

Must end this update with a few praises!

They claim she has therapy and they are trying to work with her to use both feet.  I pray that is true!

They are talking about making her a walker to help her walk easier.  I pray that is true! 

She is described as active and social!  
Her language skills are great!  

And she has the most beautiful smile! 

When writing this update on our sweet Analina I wrestled with myself.  While her pictures actually show her smiling there is deep sadness behind the walls of her orphanage.

I still don't feel comfortable going into detail regarding the extreme sadness I have in my heart.  When I feel at liberty I will share.

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  1. Jolene, rest assured Analina was made for your family. Whatever hardships she's had so far will be surpassed in your home surrounded by plenty of love and attention. That said. Are there American doctors who visit this orphanage? Could you contact a mission organization that may visit before you arrive? This may allow you to be more mentally prepared and maybe even have the right equipment ready at home when you arrive.


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