Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~*A Little Boy Has Hope*~

In a follow-up to ~THIS~ post, where Dalton found out he had a family coming for him.  We sent a care package to him introducing ourselves to him.

Dalton and Madison
Right now, at this very moment, Dalton is losing another friend but this friend is gaining a Mommy and sisters!  Michele met my sweet Dalton in February when she went to his orphanage on a volunteer trip.  She also met an adorable little girl who she is currently in China getting. 

Michele offered to bring our care package to Dalton! 
Here are a few things she said about Dalton.

"Everyone starting laughing when he was pointing at Baba (Daddy) and chatting on and on in Chinese.  I asked them what he was saying and they said he said his Daddy looked like a police officer!" 

Does it get any cuter than that?  He thinks Devin looks like a police officer!  He's already a hero to this little boy!
Look in the bag, there is our picture book! 
 Two of the ladies explained to Dalton that we were coming as fast as we could.  He was listening and listening and then he smiled from ear to ear.  He and Madison (Michele's girl) were chatting back and forth and they told Michele that Madi was telling him that she had a Mommy now and he showed her his if to say...I DO TOO!  
He looks like he's saying "Hey, that's MINE"!  
 I cannot even tell you how this fills my heart up to overflowing.  A little boy who has never known family has HOPE!  He will not have to spend another Christmas without one.  He will be surrounded by love!

If you are able to give a little right now to help us meet the financial need we KNOW is coming up I don't think we could ever be grateful enough.  We have raised 2/3's of the money ourselves and we need YOUR help to raise the last 1/3.  Air-fair alone will be in the thousands of dollars.  

We truly need to bless my mother with a love gift.  She is laying down her priorities for 3 weeks to care for our 4 blessings while we travel to bring home our two Chinese blessings.  She is giving up her paycheck for 3 weeks to do this.  We are raising a love gift for her.

If you are able to give please click on the "Chip-In" button to the right.  

~Thank you for your prayers and for supporting these orphans so they can come home!~

Enjoying Madison's birthday cake!

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