Thursday, December 15, 2011

~*Menu For The Week*~

Many moons ago I had another blog and the most popular posts ever were my weekly menus.  We are always looking for new ways to spruce up the cooking repertoire and it was proven by how incredibly popular the menu posts were.

I am in the process of a nice long article on menu-making, but until I'm done with that here is next weeks menu.  

Bean Soup (with locally grown cranberry beans)
 Burritos (homemade tortillas)
Pancakes (homemade; no boxed stuff)
Cowboy Burgers (recipe to follow)
Homemade Pizza
Red beans and rice (w/sausage)

We have to make almost everything homemade to avoid the soy and other allergens.  In the long run its a tiny bit more work but so much better for you!

We enjoy breakfast for dinner and we have many nights without meat we rely on other sources of protein.  Yes, its a bit bean heavy, yet, it is not all the same type of bean so there is less chance of bean burnout!

  Normally, I do my menu planning on Monday's, however, this week I am having major oral surgery and will NOT be feeling up to running out and about next week.  So, it will be done NOW and I will rely on the husband to get it cooked up if I am not feeling up to it.

What is on the menu for your household next week?     


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  1. I'm looking forward to the cowboy burgers recipe! I am just now trying to get into menu planning since our schedule is changing and we'll get to be home every evening! I'm trying to cook through the items in our freezer because it's time to defrost it soon. Tomorrow we're having aloha pizza (pineapple & ham chunks), Saturday we're having steak & mashed carrots, and Sunday we're having lasagna and garlic bread.


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