Saturday, December 24, 2011

~*What's Cooking For Christmas?*~

Here's what's cooking for the O'Dells in the next few days! 
(I will post requested recipes from the last menu after Christmas)

For Christmas Day; Going to Nana's: 
(I use raspberry jello, raspberries and add crushed pineapple)
Cherry Brownie Triffle
(Brownies, whipped topping and cherries)

For Monday: Appetizers and Desserts
Waffle Fries
Veggies and Dip
 Crackers and Cheese

~*I adjust many recipes to include a vegetarian (if not vegan) version and to include substitutions for our little Peanuts multiple allergies.  However, I must also, include items that as a Vegetarian (trying to be vegan) I cannot eat and that do not make accommodations for our littlest one's allergies.*~   

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