Thursday, March 10, 2011

~*Homespun in Heaven*~

How did I choose this blogs title?
Homespun Heritage...what does that mean anyway?
Emphasis has always been put on ones lineage, who one's forefathers were.  Having a history to call our own makes you feel special and as though you belong.  That feeling of belonging is precious and one that many orphans do not have.  They have no knowledge of their lineage or forefathers.  Their heritage is blurry...and what of leaving their own legacy?  

When you adopt you weave together the beautiful history of your child from what little information you have together with the warm heritage found in Christ.  This weaving together of heritage, history and future legacy is truly a homespun art of the heart. 

I have said many times that for everyone, especially orphans, their heritage is found in the Lord.  Joshua 13:33b says, "the LORD, the God of Israel, is their inheritance, as he promised them."  While yes, Joshua is speaking of the Levites, we *all* can claim the same heritage.  
Our home is in Heaven and our children by birth and adoption are blessed with the same lineage.  We are all sons and daughters of the *King*!  Our heritage is homespun in heaven and our legacy is that which we leave those who also accept the gift of Jesus Christ.  
Our children can find their identity in Christ, their heritage, lineage and future legacy!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My sweet not-so-little man, Jelly, and I were having a talk while making lunch....heh heh, ironically he was making PB&J sammies, and I chased off Sunshine my food obsessed little man.  Jelly and I began discussing the "why's" of Sunshine's obsession and I mentioned some children from Foster Care and orphanages will hoard food under their pillows when they aren't sure when they will get fed again.

Jelly got so quiet.
"We use to do that"
"We would take cheese and bread and make sandwiches. When *she* found it we'd get belted.  We did what we had to do."

Oh, this just breaks my heart to hear.  Here in the U.S. this junk goes on.  It shouldn't happen anywhere, ever.  

They weren't worried about stealing candy, chips or junk food.  It was a very basic need to eat and they hid very basic ingredients, bread and cheese for sandwiches.  They did this as often as they could so they could eat.

Look at these sweet little faces!  

~Jelly man...age 7~

~My Sunshine...age 6~
Good thing they eat well!