Thursday, January 26, 2012


What happens when 4:59 pm rolls around at your house?  
Do you stare into the refrigerator and rifle through the cupboards looking for something you can pull together at the last second?
Its humorous that dinner happens every single day yet the "what to make for dinner" dance is just as consistent.  
I don't know about you but I prefer being prepared for it...Come on!  It happens every single day so why aren't we prepared ahead of time?
Menu-planning happens on a very regular basis here.  I make up a two week menu plan and then write the grocery list.  
I'm very random about the menu; trying new recipes regularly, basing meals off of the weather (chili & soup vs. salad & light fare), allowing my children to choose meals.  We are consistently inconsistent; which makes it quite fun!

What kind of menu-planner are you?

Once a month cooker?
Random; trying something new all the time?
Scheduler? (Meatless Monday, Pizza Friday, Italian every Wednesday, etc?)

Sales shopper; basing your menu off what you can buy on sale?

Rotating menu; a 4 or 6 week rotating menu?

What is your menu planning style?

Don't be late for dinner again!  (Source)

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  1. I am just starting to try to do meal planning. It helps with a big headache at that time of the day. However, I don't do a specific dish per day. Last week, I went through my new cookbook from Christmas and made a list of main dishes we could try, and went shopping accordingly. Instead of having a set day, it was nice to pick and choose from a certain list of recipes that I knew I had ingredients for. That way, if we had a really busy night at the last minute, or busy day that didn't leave me much time for meal prep, I could go through my list and find something that would be easy to make. I hope to continue to plan like that, but its always hardest when finances are at a low, as so much stuff gets cut.


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