Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~*Dalton's Birthday Party*~

In early January, we made sure that a cake was ordered for Dalton's birthday.  I was so blessed to open my email this morning and find these wonderful pictures and a video!  

~*Happy Birthday*~  Dalton!  
I love you, though, I've never met you.
I adore you, from afar, and cannot wait to bring you and Analina home!


The whole crew anxiously awaiting the cake on the table....Dalton on far left in blue coat.

Dalton's smiley face on left!

Dalton and friends!

That cake is just gorgeous! 

Adding the candles! 

Lovely cake and handsome boy! 

Cutting the first piece! 

He's so proud! 

A customary dot of frosting on the nose! 

Yummy cake! 

He's so happy!

Friends eating cake!

His smile just steals my heart! 

This is a very special treat for them! 

Concentrating on getting all the crumbs.
  ~*Happy Birthday*~

We love you! 


  1. so precious, so exciting, he looks so healthy and happy. I am so excited to see you recieve him into your home. what a blessing

  2. Thank you for sharing. What a smile you have brought to my life today. I sang each time they sang the song and clapped when the flower finally opened!!! Good to see they have trick candles like we do here! Blessings to you and your family in the east and the west!

  3. Absolutely darling, and oh is he not just the most handsome boy!! I sure hope everyone got cake, that was an awful lot of kids!

  4. I know this has to cause mixed feelings for you. Happiness in his happy face, sadness that it's not here with you. Praying for his soon addition to your home. It also makes my heart hurt when I see SO MANY whose futures you aren't certain of. Do they have waiting families too, or are they wishing they were in Dalton's place? Be blessed, praying the Lord's peace and provision for your whole family.

  5. Your son is just beautiful! Praying for a speedy outcome! We're waiting for travel approval for our new 9 year old son in China.


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