Sunday, January 22, 2012


I spend approximately $150-$175 every two weeks on food for our family.  This includes lots of greens because we need it and I am a vegetarian.  We, also, are accommodating a child with multiple food allergies.  Because of those food allergies most of what we consume is homemade, including all baked goods.  

Spiral Pasta w/salad
Waffles w/fruit
Pancakes w/fruit
Peach French Toast
Homemade Pizza w/breadsticks
Chili w/salad
Chili-Dogs w/chips (see we do eat a bit of junk!)
White Chicken Chili w/garlic bread
Sloppy Jolenes (as my kids call them, vegan version for me)
w/onion rings
Stir-fry w/noodles and spring rolls
Meatball subs w/veggies (spinach balls for mama)
Chicken/Rice Casserole w/veggie
Spinach Casserole
Nachos w/veggies

How do I manage to feed our family of 6 so cheaply?  Homemade; little to no processed food.  Lots of baking at home!

Breakfast is 1 box of cereal as a treat, oatmeal, eggs (limited), toast, baked goods.

Lunch consists of leftovers, sandwiches, crackers/cheese, veggies/dip or hummus, homemade treats.  

What do you spend on groceries?
What tricks do you use to keep the bill down? 
I do not coupon, it just doesn't work out for our family to do that.   

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