Thursday, January 19, 2012

~*What Works For Us*~

One of the top questions we receive involves the holistic approach we take to treat Sunshine's many challenges.  

It started in the summer of 2009 by simply putting adequate amounts of whole foods in front of this child.  Both our boys put on 5 pounds in the first 10 days they were with us.  With an appropriate amount of the right foods we noticed great improvement in his physical health.  This child will also go right back to highly processed, overly sugary, disgusting junk if left to his own devices.  So, we maintain a pretty open table of healthy options and limit the junk.   

This incredibly chipper child was diagnosed by a board certified Psychiatrist in January of 2009 as ADHD.  This diagnosis could not be further from the truth.  He is certainly ambitious and apt to impulsiveness but hyper-active is not even close.  We knew it was largely environmental and that with proper supervision and maturity he would improve greatly.

It quickly became clear, though, that he was facing far more intricate challenges than immaturity.  We've just begun to understand how RAD, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and Visual Processing Disorder affect his development, behaviors, coping skills, and decisions.  

We give him the following regimen of naturals.

2400 mg Fish Oil daily*
500 mg Niacin daily
500 mg Magnesium daily
50 mg Zinc 

**I am not a holistic expert and I am not a physician**
This is the regimen that works well for our child.  We have the blessing of our practitioner.  

Also, I know that sounds like an awful lot of fish oil but we have upped him little by little and the difference is HUGE!  He lacks the ability to reason, to comprehend, to focus, etc when not on a high dose. 

We will forever be adjusting things as he grows, adjusts, and changes.  He has matured much in the past 2.5 years.  We are constantly learning how to parent his emotional special needs.  It is challenging, yet, in the end we are the ones that are forever changed.  You can't parent a child with such emotional instability and not come out changed. 

Thank you, Sunshine, for making me a better mom!

Now, go clean your room!   

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  1. Oh isn't he just the cutest ever in his vest!! Hmmm I'll have to remember your fish oil when Cav gets a little older. I love how open you are so that those of us new to this can learn and not miss or make excuses for obvious outbursts.


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