Thursday, February 16, 2012

~*My Teeny Tiny Two Year Old Blessing!*~

Came out sucking her fingers!
 Two years ago, I was blessed beyond belief to welcome a gorgeous and then, slightly chubby, little girl.  It took us a year to figure out she had severe food allergies and another year to get those stabilized...and now I am thrilled to say she has finally broken the 20lb mark!  Just in time to turn 2!
She's still possessive of her hats!

Spending time under the of the only times she had "chub" on her little body!
Through many bouts of illness including 2 rounds of pneumonia, 2 or 3 bouts of bronchitis, 6 rounds of tonsillitis and many rough nights due to food allergies, Peanut has shown resiliency that would put most adults to shame.  She has an enormous capacity to love and, although, she warms up slowly at times to certain people, she is learning the fine art of socialization.  
Always swiping my water bottle, my little stinker!
From a shy and nervous little caterpillar to a rather social little butterfly just starting to spread its wings we have seen her grow and grow!
Oh, how I love that smile!
~*Happy 2nd Birthday*~ 
to my sweet little 2 yr old!    
This is what I get when I asked for a smile!

Beautiful flowery princess, never far from her trusty cup!

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  1. Oh my goodness she's the ultimate little Tough Chik! Happy Birthday cutie!


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