Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~*Pictures: What We Wait For*~

Every adoptive parent waits and waits for new pictures of their child and if they are in an orphanage that may not be very cooperative or without the resources to provide frequent pictures you simply have to wait and cherish what pictures you do have!  

So, when new pictures are posted by other parents adopting from the same orphanage we all get super excited and scan each picture for the familiar face of our child...even just a glimpse gives us hope!  

I was pleased as punch to see these pictures below!  I spotted my Analina RIGHT away and my children were telling me "NOOOO" that's not her!  Then another AP (adoptive parent) emailed me because she, too, believed it to be my sweet girl!  I'll be slapped silly, it sure is her!

I'm in the process of sending HER a cake, too, as we sent Dalton one for his birthday and we're sending one to Analina to celebrate the adoption, as her birthday isn't until June.  These pictures give me such a breath of hope...we ALL cling to these few pictures we receive of our children!

Analina is in red:

The sweetest smile on earth!

Your cake is coming sweetie! 


 This last picture is the one that had us wondering "Is that her?"  But, yes, indeed that is our sweet girl!  I can tell in her face she's gained weight and PRAISE God for that!  Our last update had her listed at 24lbs at nearly 5 yrs old! 

Keep praying, please!  We are just waiting on the Lord's perfect timing to bring our two blessings HOME! 


  1. Oh my goodness that second picture is absolutely THE cutest ever!!!

  2. How sweet and it is encouraging. We had the same experience when a family from Spain adopted their little girl and posted photos on the Shanghai site. We spotted Lauren in the group. It just helps you feel connected. Praying for you all and a timely arrival of these two precious ones in your lives.


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