Monday, April 30, 2012

~*Its My Birthday and I'll Santize if I Want To*~

Over the weekend we went to Chicago to enjoy one last family trip before our blessings come home from China.  While we definitely had a good time the weekend was plagued with germs, germs and more germs.

Today is my birthday and I'm sucking down a lot of Vitamin C trying to minimize the flu symptoms that are now going through my family.  Although, I am not currently sick...the rest of them are! 

I've got one child a bit grumpy because the weekends fun is over.
I have two more feeling the upper respiratory affects of the flu.
I have another just now feeling better after spending her Chicago time christening the floor of every building she entered.  

Happy Birthday, indeed!

Last month I told my sweet husband that I didn't want anything for my birthday nor did I want to do anything to celebrate.  I feel that the best gifts ever are waiting for me in China!  Truly, it just doesn't feel right to celebrate without them.  

Little did I know that I would get my wish! Everyone is too sick to do anything anyway! 

If ya'll could please pray for health and healing that would be fantastic! 

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