Monday, May 14, 2012

~*After Mother's Day Thoughts*~

I let Mother's Day drift by without much sentimentality this year.  I was simply enjoying my own treasures here at home and feeling a tiny bit empty without our two China* gems.

Until this morning, that is, that I read the 22nd blogger writing about Mother's Day...but there is something different in Linny's post.  

Its less about self (yes, I've seen some very selfish Mother's Day posts floating around out there this year), less about the "Mothers" who inspired each blogger, Linny puts the focus SOLELY on the Lord!

Finally, the sentiment hit really close to home.  I have not been quiet about my fertility issues...which turned out to NOT be fertility issues.  

Having gone from 1 child in 2010 to 6 in 2012 I can absolutely relate to her hearts desire and the Lord fulfilling His promise to fill her home and her the BRIM!

Thank you, Linny, for the post. For making even Mother's Day about the "Father" who made it possible!    

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  1. Awww Jolene, you are so sweet. I shared my heart on my blog....I am forever grateful. This morning Dw said to me, "It really was a banner day, wasn't it?" Since I posted in the afternoon, evening had not transpired...and the little ones had made me cards, etc...and then Emma and Graham had both Dw and I shut our eyes. We couldn't imagine what they were doing. But before long we were allowed to open and Graham had his guitar and a stool...Emma had written the most beautiful lyrics and Graham the melody..and they sang us a love song about our made us teary...they are going to tweak it and one day, Lord willing, I will be able to post it. It was amazing!

    I am blessed far more than I ever deserved by Almighty and Faithful God! Bless you my sweet friend and again, thank you for sharing. xo


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