Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~*China Prep Series-Part 1: Feeding The Family*~

Part 1: Feeding The Family

The plan, thus far, is for the handsome husband and I to fly over to China to bring our two blessings home.  While we're away for nearly 3 weeks, Nana will be caring for our children.  

I compiled a large list of freezer friendly meals and began cooking/baking and freezing a few weeks back. We were even blessed with our beloved music teacher (waving at Miss Faith) sending me home one day with enough white chicken chili and lentil soup to feed several armies!  
Here is my current list of freezer items.  

White Chicken Chili 
Lentil Soup
Twice Baked Potatoes
Sloppy Jolene's (as my children call them!)

I still need to make/bake/cook the following.

Apple French Toast 
Won-ton lasagna
Taco Filling
Hot Dogs
Baked Ziti
Sausage/Rice Casserole 

For the pantry:
Waffle Mix (homemade)
Pancake Mix (homemade)

These guys/gals can eat like truckers, I tell ya!

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