Monday, May 7, 2012

~*Lowest of Lows; Highest of Highs*~

After taking a nap on the sofa (you know your jealous), my son, runs out to get the mail.  I notice the fat envelope on top of the pile and attack it with all my renewed energy (why, thank you, nap!) as I noticed it had the word "Hague" in the return address.  

WAM! Lowest of lows:
Analina's paperwork rejected...the check was $10 short! Seriously?  I can firmly blame this on the OTHER half of me, as HE was the one to run that errand!  

Muttering under my breath at the injustice of this, I open an nondescript envelope with no return address.  

BAM!  Highest of highs:
Dalton's I800* approval!  
Seriously, the stark contrast had me laughing...definitely not because I found it amusing, more out of nervousness as I seriously feared how long Analina's would take now due to this $10 mishap!

So, will ya'll PLEASE pray for her paperwork to be accepted quickly!?!  We truly are astounded that Dalton's was approved so quickly!  I'll be visiting Fedex tomorrow to get this puppy shipped there as fast as they can fly it...twill arrive by Wed. at 10 am!  

Rejoicing over the *FINAL* approval for Dalton!  We're coming for you SOON baby!  Praying now over Analina's that we will see that approval even quicker!   

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  1. Praying - we got an RFE last year and I et as soon as the check clears (if you didn't send yet send a cashiers check or money order to speed things up) your approval will be sent out!


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