Monday, June 25, 2012

~*Happy Birthday*~

 In the summer of 2007 a beautiful little girl was born to bless the world with her adorable little smile and strong spirit.  

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little girl, Analina!  We are hoping to be holding you in our arms in one month or so!
When parenting a child with an unknown background oftentimes there is a guessing involved when establishing "facts", such as age and date of birth.  Why the guessing?

 Many infants are not found as newborns but as infants appearing one month or more in age and even older.  Clearly, the birth parents were not in a hurry to end their relationship to their child, however, circumstances often make it very difficult to continue to parent their child.  

Finances, lack of family and community support, expectations that a child with a special need will be a burden or even a curse are only a few of the reasons that birth parents leave their child behind.

While we mourn the loss that took place, in order, to make our family whole, we, also, must rejoice in the blessing that is the birth of this little girl! 

~*Happy Birthday*~ Analina!  




  1. I cannot wait to see her in your arms! Happy birthday to a precious little girl!

  2. Happy birthday, Analina!! The next few months will bring lots of changes for you, but tremendous love that each of your Mom, Dad and brothers and sisters already have for you. Can't wait to see you and Dalton home, where you belong!!!


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