Monday, June 11, 2012

~*Menu Monday*~

I am always asked to post my menus, as I think we mama's tend to get tired of the same routine that we seem to so easily fall into.  I was able to get all the food we needed for 2 weeks for $130.  

Skillet Lasagna (plus 1 for freezer)
Homemade pizza
Oven Baked French Toast (plus 1 for freezer)
Sub Sandwiches
Tacos (plus meat for freezer)
Sausage/Rice (plus 1 for freezer)
Sloppy Joes
Baked Potatoes
Stuffed Peppers
BBQ Chicken on the grill

I am doubling and  freezing 4 meals in these next two weeks to stock the freezer...If you recall we are not taking our 4 children with us to China so Nana needs to feed this bunch while we're gone.

In Part One of the China Prep Series, I share what we are stocking the freezer with.  Why do so much cooking?  With our littlest one having multiple food allergies we cannot rely on convenience foods and must make everything homemade for her.  It will be a great deal of help to Nana to have 3 weeks worth of meals already prepped and ready to thaw!

We have had the wonderful blessing of having our wonderful piano teacher offer to freezer cook to help us out.  At first it seems overwhelming to prepare food for someone with food allergies but if you ask enough questions or even ask for the specific recipe all the trepidation leaves! 

If you know of someone adopting it would a huge blessing to them to have meals brought over; either for their children staying home or to help them out in the first few weeks they are home. Its similar to when someone has new baby...what a wonderful blessing it is to them to not have to cook!   
Many blessings and happy eating!

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  1. Thanks for posting your menus,
    I always love to see other peoples, I founds ours to be very similar!


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