Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~*Burdened For Others*~

I have been blessed by so many of you during this journey of ours.  I have, often, received an email saying "You came to mind" or "I was thinking about you in the middle of the night".  They send words of encouragement and those words lift me up and help carry me through another day or three!  

Have you taken a moment, recently, to extend words of encouragement to that friend that came to mind?  Those words might heal.  They might lift up.  They might be the Lord's hands and feet to someone profoundly sad and in need of love.  

I have no adoption news.  Nothing.  I have despaired over these many weeks, had a few panic attacks, moments of pure gut wrenching sobs and I always come right back to the place of seeking out every little bit of encouragement I can find...because this isn't about me!  Its about them.  

Even in the middle of a dark dark time we are still to be burdened for others...no matter what we're going through we have others looking to US to be an encouragement to them.  

Months ago I had a dear sweet friend come to mind and I just knew in my heart that she was hurting and keeping it secret...she asked for prayer recently and admitted to her secret hurts....Oh, how I just want to hug her and pray over her in the middle of her pain.  

Be persistent in prayer.
Be consistent in friendships.  
Be an encouragement to others.
 They need you!

 Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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