Monday, July 16, 2012

~*Summer Season*~

With the summer season upon us our family has been BUSY!

Kitty (A's new nickname) spent a week at horse camp and we spent an evening there for her first horse show.  Congratulations to Kitty!  She worked so hard to not only learn how to horseback ride but to control her very ornery and stubborn horse.  
Kitty on Snowball the Stubborn!

She kept telling me all about this really difficult horse and, honestly, I thought she was just being too soft.  That is until other counselors in different parts of the camp kept commenting on what a tough horse she was riding!

Then Kitty went to drama camp.  She is extremely shy in front of groups and had bad stage fright.  We felt the benefits outweighed her reluctance.  The first day was rough, yet thanks to a dear sweet mom we know, Kitty, was encouraged to go on and do her best because she deserved it!  The week of hard work (dancing, singing, rehearsing, reciting) ended with a stellar show!
Kitty standing on the *right*; her friend, Joy, standing on the *left*.

Kitty is the smallest one, back row, in the brown skirt.

Again, shortest one in the back row; looking awfully down....

She just told me she was frustrated that it was so dark and she couldn't see us.

The last week of June was spent coordinating driving between 4 families and 2 summer camps!  While Kitty was off to drama camp our J.J. spent the week off to basketball camp with these two crazy kids!
JJ in the middle, Matthew on left, Brady on right; kid you not twas 102* this day!
JJ was Kansas and they lost to UNC...great job boys! 

This year I did not watch all his games or see his tournament games because of the heat (100* weather!), schedules, sick little one, etc.  We are so proud of him!  He made it all the way to the final game and lost to a great team.  Great job J.J. one away from the Championship is amazing!  His friend, Matthew, was in a different division and Matthew's team won their Championship and he was also runner-up for the Character award.  If you knew this kiddo you all would completely agree he deserved that Character award!  (Hence his 3 blue ribbons)

Sunshine isn't quite ready for summer camp so he spent the last two weeks of June running around with me...when he was by himself for a few hours his imagination got a nice healthy workout!  Can this little guy get any stinking cuter? 
Drinking his "coffee"!

Contemplating the mysteries of life...sorry its so blurry I had to sneak it through the sliding glass door!

Listening to the birds....

I was blessed to head out of the state one day and spend some precious time with dear friends of mine!  They are the sweetest ladies to come to if I need a shoulder, a prayer warrior or a hug!  

My dear friend, Gina, gave me a word...the word is Joy.

  Dalton's middle name will be Kai Wu, which means Joyful Victory.  He is my joy-boy!  I cannot wait to hold this little joy in my arms!


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