Thursday, August 30, 2012

~*Goodbye Shanghai, Hello Fuzhou!*~

All week my dear sweet husband struggled with exhaustion, lack of appetite and just an overwhelming urge to move on from Shanghai.  Jet lag contributed, a guide who was not overall too helpful meeting their basic needs (but stellar on adoption political details), and the incredible busyness of being in a city with 23 million other people.  Fuzhou, with its 7 million people, sounds like a small village in comparison!

On their last full day in Shanghai they were blessed with a different guide who was, frankly, a breath of fresh air!  He did not hurry them, listened to their needs, truly guided them within their own comforts and met their needs!

The results?

A truly refreshing day they all needed! 


Her chariot driver, Grandpa!

Daddy and his new girl!

Lovely smile!

In fact, Analina was so relaxed she actually slept IN BED for the first time...WITH daddy!  Up until this point she'd been sleeping in the stroller.  Well, to be honest she didn't sleep in bed all night...she fell out once!  And she's a hogger!

She was terrified of the animals at the Zoo/Park...hope she doesn't run from our cats!

Anyone know what kind of bear this is? He's tiny!

Devin felt right at home....heehee!

They also hit Toys R Us for some new toys...girlfriend was getting a bit bored of the few toys we sent for her.
Look at her gently cradle her new baby!

Such a cute baby she picked out! 

The best part of moving on to Fuzhou?  

You, sweet boy, were the reason we started this journey toward China.  We committed to you in Dec. 2010 and it has been a long journey that is about to be completed!

I cannot wait to get to know you, my sweet joy-boy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~*I'm Sorry*~

In my last post I asked for prayer over the important paperwork with a misspelled name.  I unintentionally embarrassed my dear sweet husband and I sincerely apologize for that. 

I adore this man who is sitting in China, without his family (outside of Grampster), for 3 weeks...and he's very ready to come home already.  

Adopting is stressful for the child and for the adult.  You enter survival mode for days.  You ignore many behaviors that you normally would not allow simply for the sake of keeping the peace until you can come home and address said behaviors in a routined and organized way.

Pray for Devin to have the energy to keep up with this busy little blessing!

Pray for Devin and Analina to be prepared to add Dalton in just a few days!

Pray for energy and perseverance! 

**Love you honey!**

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~*Prayer Please*~

My Shanghai family is off to sleep by this time and I wish them sweet dreams!

I do have a prayer request for my prayer warriors out there.

There is a misspelling on her Passport and while its not her first name misspelled but her middle name, it could still cause major problems!  

He was suppose to make phone calls and see what needs to be done to correct this.  

Pray he did!
Pray its easily and quickly fixed!

I am partially laughing at this whole thing because he said to me, "You know I can't spell"!  Oh, honey, I love you and your procrastinating, misspelled self!  Hit the ground running when you get up, though, to get this fixed!

Here's the a few facts about the Shanghai Princess:

She loves to dance!
She loves to laugh! 
When asked who she liked more she said she liked Mama more than Baba (Daddy).
She needs shoes on or her foot collapses. 
She's not had one accident but needs to have a bowel movement...kiddos with Spina Bifida are terribly PRONE to constipation and she could get very sick if she doesn't go soon.  (Diet change and stress can, also, add to the not going issue).

Here's the Princess!

Excellent view of her right foot turned completely right.

V for Victory!

I adore her lounge chair and side table! So cute!

Beautiful inside and out!

Monday, August 27, 2012

~*Here at Home*~

Here at home we've been slowly ticking things off our bucket list.  While they are not huge things to do we certainly are having fun because they are things we've not done in awhile.  

Sunday was suppose to be a water balloon fight. Yeah, well, that was another fail! Buyer beware when buying $.25 clearance bags of water balloons!  So, we kicked it old school and played in the sprinkler...yeah even I jumped ran through it...sorry no pics of ME doing that!  

It is so good to see some chunk on this tiny girl!

Yes, for her that is a "bit-o-chunk"!

I can hear her screaming, "HEY" at her brother just looking at this!

Today we made and enjoyed root beer floats!  
Yum...enough said!

Look at that bite! 


And there's the tongue!


And now the many faces of Peanut!

This one is what my friend, Amy, calls the Godfather look!

 We've not had a lot of face time with the Daddy and Grampster but he's got a good excuse!  

Oh my gravy, this girl is so stinking CUTE!


~*Another Cute Girl!*~

Devin met another cute girl in China but this one he gets to keep!  We skyped* in the middle of the night (my time).  She is so precious and very beautiful!  

She's gained 8lbs since our last update on her! 
Did you catch that?  EIGHT---8---Pounds! 
That's HUGE and she needed every single OUNCE of it because girlfriend is still extremely small for a 5 yr old from an institution.  

There were tears.
She isn't use to men and was frightened.
There were 4 children being united with their families and it was overwhelming.  
But now?
Girl is firmly attached to the hip of her Baba (daddy)! 
He can't leave the room without her. 
Skyping with Mama!

She readily calls me Mama but its more of a title than a word with significant meaning. That is completely understandable for a child who has never had a parent. Only an "ayi" or "auntie" and they change out constantly.

Bribing with cereal always helps ease the tension!

Its been an emotionally exhausting day for all 3 of them and they are resting (I hope!) well and will awaken refreshed. 

That is my prayer!