Monday, August 27, 2012

~*Another Cute Girl!*~

Devin met another cute girl in China but this one he gets to keep!  We skyped* in the middle of the night (my time).  She is so precious and very beautiful!  

She's gained 8lbs since our last update on her! 
Did you catch that?  EIGHT---8---Pounds! 
That's HUGE and she needed every single OUNCE of it because girlfriend is still extremely small for a 5 yr old from an institution.  

There were tears.
She isn't use to men and was frightened.
There were 4 children being united with their families and it was overwhelming.  
But now?
Girl is firmly attached to the hip of her Baba (daddy)! 
He can't leave the room without her. 
Skyping with Mama!

She readily calls me Mama but its more of a title than a word with significant meaning. That is completely understandable for a child who has never had a parent. Only an "ayi" or "auntie" and they change out constantly.

Bribing with cereal always helps ease the tension!

Its been an emotionally exhausting day for all 3 of them and they are resting (I hope!) well and will awaken refreshed. 

That is my prayer!



  1. Congratulations she's beautiful. She'll grow quickly once home with you all! Very exciting times for your whole family!!


  2. YAY! She looks pretty happy with daddy. I have read of some adoptive parents who waited days for a smile. What a blessing!!! And another kiddo coming, double joy!!!

  3. Congratulations! She's beautiful! Praying she adjusts well to the menfolk. Hope they're all getting rest.

  4. Praying for adjustment for everyone and that your husband and his dad can stay strong and healthy 'til they get home. I am sure it is very tiring in a good way!


  5. Congratulations! She is beautiful!


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