Thursday, August 23, 2012

~*China Prep Series-Part 3:*~

It breaks my heart to send my husband off to China all by his lonesome (okay, dad-in-law is going but he doesn't look nearly as great in skirts =-).  At home, while he's off traipsing around the world like some hotshot, I'm all bummed out!

Its like having this amazing vacation planned and you can't go...(Umm, that's exactly what happened!).  Your left with this "I wanna go somewhere" feeling.  I've got all this really cool travel stuff and I wanna use it!  (More on this later!) 

While we were planning to be gone I thought it would be fun to put together a bucket list of activities for our children to accomplish to keep their days fun and moving along.  Now, I get to do it with them.   

Obviously, the paper chain countdown until he returns is a given! 
The little one is screaming "Stuse YOU" to her brother...she is tiny but LOUD!

I, also, came across a creative blogger that used a scrapbook for an advent calender!  What a wonderful keepsake for our family! 

Here it is in all its glory; all 21 days worth!

 We're off to China:
Clearly I am not gifted in the area of prophecy because I did NOT see it coming that I would stay home...and obviously, it was late at night when I did this page because that is terribly sloppy handwriting!  I think I'll print something to go over that slop!  

Family Game Night

Family Movie (+ popcorn!)

Bake Something (anything!)

Strawberry Shortcake!

Puzzle Day!

Forts in the House!

Christmas Craft (Yes, please!)

Another Craft (why not!)

Go Fishing!

More Smores!


Catch Lightening Bugs!
 (Umm...haven't seen them in weeks!)

T-Shirt Craft! (Sharpie Tie-dye!)

Finger Painting!

Picnic in the Park!

Water Balloon Fight! (With smelly balloons)

Ice Cream (At the best one in Michigan)

Swimming at the Beach!
Nature Walk!


Rootbeer Floats!

Welcome Home Posters!

I will post the daily activity and, of course, any pictures and updates that the hubinator sends me!

He leaves tomorrow, ya'll around NOON!  Be praying for travel mercies and for the hearts of these two children who will soon have a family of their own..forever!

John 14:18
I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

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