Monday, August 6, 2012

~*Day 6 of Bless Your Child Everyday!*~

 Day 6 
 Encourage their dreams!

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With 4 different personalities (going on many more) we will have 4 different children dreaming 4 very different dreams.  

Its been fairly easy to figure out not only what their interests are but where they are gifted.  

Kitty, is our resident animal lover.  Hardcore, type animal lover, ya'll!  I just hope she goes into animal rescue as opposed to hoarder type animal lover!  Girl loves her some animals!

She, especially, like the big ones that you can ride!


We're working on getting her into a local horse club that meets once a month...girl will be out of her mind excited, let me tell ya!  

J.J. is our sports kiddo...He was evaluated earlier in the summer by a coach from Detroit who told us what we already know about this child. He is golden at whatever sport he picks up.  We've known this coach for 3 years and see him once a year...he serves over 3000 children each year in the Detroit area and J.J. is that 1 out of 100 (or was it 1000) child that is incredibly gifted athletically.

His passion is Basketball but he enjoys many other sports.

  At the tender age of 6 another dream took up residence in his heart.  To go into the military (Army specifically...He won't listen to his Mama about the Marines!).  From the start I was supportive of his desire and that support silenced him...Maybe I missed the memo that says Moms are suppose to talk their little boys OUT of it?

We recently talked again, because I know my kid, and he admitted that he still harbors a desire to enter the military.  He, also, desires to become an Engineer like the hubster..we've mentioned that ROTC might be a good fit for him then.

Sunshine, my sunshine, likes all things that go and have wheels.  Doesn't matter how rusty, crashed up, or ugly it is, this child thinks its the coolest.  We know that college may not be the best fit for him and while the military would be a great fit for a little one who desperately needs extreme order and routine we will encourage him in whatever direction he desires.

Guaranteed, though, this boy will be surrounded by motorcycles, monster trucks and fast cars....'cause that's what gets this boys heart a pumping!

I love hearing my children dream, in part, because I dream along with them.  What mother doesn't!

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