Monday, August 13, 2012

~*Fun Project*~

I came across Give1Save1 a few months ago and recently learned they were expanding to include families adopting from Asia.  

In our quest to create a video for the website we realized we do not own a camera capable of good video had the fun idea to create an "interview" in audio and to pair that with pictures we was a fun project to put together and we hope you enjoy it!

Adoption Video from Devin on Vimeo.

  If your here from the Give1Save1 site...WELCOME!
For my friends, family and regular readers please go and check out the the Give1Save1 site and please consider helping us finish financial goal!  

Ya'll would NOT believe how expensive it is to fly over there! Or sleep there...or eat there...well, you get it! This fundraiser is for our travel expenses to bring home these two sweet treasures!

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