Thursday, August 30, 2012

~*Goodbye Shanghai, Hello Fuzhou!*~

All week my dear sweet husband struggled with exhaustion, lack of appetite and just an overwhelming urge to move on from Shanghai.  Jet lag contributed, a guide who was not overall too helpful meeting their basic needs (but stellar on adoption political details), and the incredible busyness of being in a city with 23 million other people.  Fuzhou, with its 7 million people, sounds like a small village in comparison!

On their last full day in Shanghai they were blessed with a different guide who was, frankly, a breath of fresh air!  He did not hurry them, listened to their needs, truly guided them within their own comforts and met their needs!

The results?

A truly refreshing day they all needed! 


Her chariot driver, Grandpa!

Daddy and his new girl!

Lovely smile!

In fact, Analina was so relaxed she actually slept IN BED for the first time...WITH daddy!  Up until this point she'd been sleeping in the stroller.  Well, to be honest she didn't sleep in bed all night...she fell out once!  And she's a hogger!

She was terrified of the animals at the Zoo/Park...hope she doesn't run from our cats!

Anyone know what kind of bear this is? He's tiny!

Devin felt right at home....heehee!

They also hit Toys R Us for some new toys...girlfriend was getting a bit bored of the few toys we sent for her.
Look at her gently cradle her new baby!

Such a cute baby she picked out! 

The best part of moving on to Fuzhou?  

You, sweet boy, were the reason we started this journey toward China.  We committed to you in Dec. 2010 and it has been a long journey that is about to be completed!

I cannot wait to get to know you, my sweet joy-boy!


  1. We had a wonderful young lady who babysat our children the last 3 years and this year went off to college (sniff, sob.) Her parents adopted 2 little girls from China in the last year, but not at the same time so they had to make 2 trips. S., our sitter, HATED both trips. She just did not like being unsettled, and stared at, and dealing with no bathrooms, etc. I am not much of a traveler either and I could so sympathize! Kudos to your hubby and his father for courageously going and getting these precious, wonderful children. I'm glad their last day in Shanghai was good. (S. particularly disliked their time in Shanghai if I remember correctly.)

    So excited that he'll be getting Dalton soon! I had forgotten that your daughter has spina bifida. I will pray for good health for her and Dalton as well as they deal with the stress of big changes.

  2. Travel when your time is so regulated by appointments and adjustments as they are in International adoptions is really stressful. Dealing with jet lag, time zone changes and in our case the last time we were in China, record cold temperatures in Beijeng, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Lauren came to us sick, both my other kids got nasty upper resperatorial infections there and when we got home both Kevin and my systems had enough and we were down for the count for two weeks. Will pray for all to go smoothly on the last legs of this trip and for both kids to get along well as they become new members of your family.
    Glad the paperwork is working out. Will continue to pray for you all.

  3. I'm enjoying following your husband's trip to bring home your two little ones. They're precious!


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