Monday, August 27, 2012

~*Here at Home*~

Here at home we've been slowly ticking things off our bucket list.  While they are not huge things to do we certainly are having fun because they are things we've not done in awhile.  

Sunday was suppose to be a water balloon fight. Yeah, well, that was another fail! Buyer beware when buying $.25 clearance bags of water balloons!  So, we kicked it old school and played in the sprinkler...yeah even I jumped ran through it...sorry no pics of ME doing that!  

It is so good to see some chunk on this tiny girl!

Yes, for her that is a "bit-o-chunk"!

I can hear her screaming, "HEY" at her brother just looking at this!

Today we made and enjoyed root beer floats!  
Yum...enough said!

Look at that bite! 


And there's the tongue!


And now the many faces of Peanut!

This one is what my friend, Amy, calls the Godfather look!

 We've not had a lot of face time with the Daddy and Grampster but he's got a good excuse!  

Oh my gravy, this girl is so stinking CUTE!



  1. THinking about you all today and so glad it is going well!

  2. =) so happy that one of your new additions will be home soon!


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