Saturday, August 25, 2012

~*His Precious Little Heart!*~

What a blessing to know my sweet husband is resting in Shanghai right now after a very long flight.  He said he truly struggled with how long the flight was.  Being squashed in like cattle doesn't help, does it? 


One of the truths about our family is that our little guy struggles with anxiety, fear, post-traumatic stress, visual processing disorder, and attachment issues.  

We've been knee deep in "emotional muck" since early this morning. 

You know what the trigger was?
Talking to daddy via skype.  


We *know* this is going to be a difficult adjustment for all of our children and we have prepared them the best we can.  However much you prep, though, will not eliminate or prevent the anxiety that is going to creep in.  

Will you lift this precious little guy up?

He doesn't need punishment and discipline right now.
He needs patience and love but mostly the same mercy and grace we were given on the cross by a holy and righteous Lord!  

Parenting through this anxiety and stress is very difficult and sometimes we can only muddle our way through to the other side when the stress is lessened.  

I will never give up on this little guy and we've come a LONG way from where he use to be.  I am definitely going to focus on how far he's come.  

It is such a difficult balance between loving and discipling and holding accountable for behavior.

Ephesians 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.     



  2. oh jolene, you are speaking to my heart. My boy called my husband "my last daddy" today. broke my heart because while we tell him he does not believe he is coming home

  3. Jolene, Will pray for your son and you. Know first hand these trials. My oldest daughter was 8 when she arrived from Russia and a background of severe abuse and neglect. Was diagnosed with PTSD and Severe RAD. Life was always one trauma to the next with her for so many years. Getting her in a horseback riding program when she was 12 was the first breakthrough. It took years, but today she is a well adjusted, fully functioning member of society. Married to a wonderful Godly young man. She has learned to bond, love, receive love and actually enjoy life!!! God IS FAITHFUL, hang in there it will be worth the MANY trials I know you're having to endure. I remind myself as I now deal with our youngest daughter from China who after 6 years in an orphanage and a lifetime of severe health issues has had a rough adjustment in the year+ she's been with us, but is beginning to show some real breakthroughs.

  4. Hugs for you and prayers all around!


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